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You probably used a rubber stamp at some point in your life. But have you ever stopped to think how they came about? How did the rubber stamp become a staple for businesses and personal projects from their early designs? Well, we did the research – and there was a lot to go through – to give you a quick history on how the rubber stamp came about and where it stands now in the scheme of things.

The Chinese Start

Looking all the way back into history to find the first rubber stamp is hard, but dedicated research shows that as early as 100 AD, there were people in China using the rubber stamps. Well, close to it. People in China back then carved text onto stamps before dipping them in ink and using them to print text onto paper. This was the closest to the rubber stamps back in the day. So let’s call it the first step to the modification of the stamp.

The Manufacturing Revolution

When the industrial revolution began, so did the process in which rubber stamps started to multiply and spread across the globe. But in the midst of this giant production, who kicked it all off? Well, records show that the idea originated with one B.B. Hill in the early 1860s. He released his acclaimed rubber Brass Wheel Ribbon Ticket Dater. Since then, Hill has been dubbed “the father of the mechanical hand stamp”.

The Boom In The 20th Century

As the industrial revolution ballooned, so did the spread of rubber stamps – it becoming a major industry in itself. And with most industries, quality started to spread and drop at times. At first, wood was seen as the vital component to rubber stamps, but soon it was changed to plastic, due to the growth of the material. From there, self-inking stamps with built-in stamp pads were introduced in the early 1970s, to make things easier for people.

The Modern Design

Thanks to the growth of the industry, there are  more rubber stamping companies than ever before. With the effective process of manufacturing established, you can visit your local rubber stamp experts in Dial A Stamp to check out all their rubber stamps and how they can personalised rubber stamps in Australia. They will be able to help you with an array of rubbers, stamps and designs that will help you and your business. Reach out to them today to get more information.