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One of the most important and common factors when it comes to any housing development is the cladding of the walls. Or in what many profession calls “wall cladding”. This type of work is considered an important vital factor when it comes to providing homes with that extra layer of protection. But that is not enough to break it down for you, so why not we discuss two things:

  1. What is wall cladding and;

  2. What is the main function of wall cladding

So if you are interested in this important process (and in helping to answer your wall board solution in Perth), keep reading to find out, and we will give you the answers you want.

What Is Wall Cladding? 

In the most basic nature, wall cladding is a decorative type wall coating. The idea behind is to make walls look like another material, instead of being the material that it is. Confused? So example: concrete buildings on the outside look old and outdated, but by adding wall cladding, it will give the artistic element; a coating to make it looks stylish and great. The same applies to the interior of buildings too. It gives the building a stunning new edge. However, while that is the basic idea of what coating is, there is more functionality to it. Which we will continue to discuss below..

What Is The Main Function Of Wall Cladding? 

The cladding is almost always intended to be stylistic rather than functional, but in actual fact, it is more of the latter than the former. Apart from being artistic and stylish (in which it adds interest and vibrancy without the expense of actually re-building a wall or partition of any home or property), it it provides benefits like insulation and waterproofing. It will add a layer of covering to any room and ensure that it is strong enough to provide a constant flow of insulation across the room (and the whole property), while being strong enough to be waterproofed (in wet areas, such as bathrooms, basements, balconies and even the roof). It should also be noted that it doesn’t impact the stability or integrity of the property in any way. It, in turn, will make it stronger than ever before.

We hope to have answered your questions about wall cladding and its main function. If you would like more information on this process, or if you would like more details about insulation and property development, we suggest speaking to the likes of Masterwall. They are the experts and the best floor insulation in Brisbane.  We go to them when we need questions answered! Contact them today.