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The method of drip irrigation was invented in 1960 and is also known as ‘underground irrigation’. The method is quite commonly used nowadays. The technique helps in saving energy, labour and water. However, the primary motive of the technique is to grow bigger and better plants.

What is drip irrigation?

Dripline irrigation is also known as underground irrigation or drop by drop method of irrigation. In this technique, the water is distributed drop by drop to the active roots of plants. When managed appropriately, this method proves to be an extremely water efficient method of irrigation. Using this technique, evaporation and runoff may be reduced to a considerable extent. Nowadays, the technique is combined with the usage of plastic sheets which further diminishes evaporation. The method is also used for delivering fertilizers to plants. This process is popularly known as fertigation.

Deep trickle (percolation) is a process in which the water moves much below the active zone of the roots. This usually happens when the irrigation shift runs for a long time or when the application rate of irrigation is high. The drip irrigation systems may vary from computer controlled to labour intensive systems. The system may be customized to distribute water uniformly in the field or also for conducting water to individual plants.

Effectiveness of drip irrigation

The system uses pressure compensating emitters which can effectively handle even unlevelled fields. The drip irrigation system also encompasses filtration which removes particles and water pressure regulation.

Types of drip systems

The tubes used in drip systems are generally black. They are however also available in white, blue and brown options. Some tubes may be buried under the soil for preventing algae growth protecting the polyethylene from degradation which is usually caused by ultra-violet radiation. In some cases, the dripping process may also involve porous clay vessels inserted in the soil and filled using a watering can or hose. Drip systems are commonly used across the world for irrigating different types of crops and plants.

The latest technology of drip irrigation is called hydro-pc. This technology maintains a stable flow of water and also has changeable inlet pressures. The drip line used resists clogging and the inlet filter which is located close to the tube guarantees constant flushing treatment. This technique decreases the amount of water retained in the system. This reduces the refilling time and prevents excessive water from wetting the lower portions of the field. The technique proves to be cost effective and highly competitive. The technique can effectively be used on all kinds of terrains and for irrigating different types of plants.

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