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Demolitions are complex processes that can take a lot of time and be overwhelming for many people. So in a bid to help you, we have a few important terms you should know in case you ever find yourself dealing with a demolition expert.

Asbestos” is a fibre that was used in property construction back in the 1970’s in properties of all types. The damage with asbestos is that it can break down and become deadly if inhaled. You could end up with bad lung diseases or problems. So if you ever hear a demolition expert tell you about “asbestos”, then prepare yourself to have that part of the home removed. Many demolition experts offer asbestos removal as an additional service because they won’t start the work unless it is removed.

Deconstruction” – have you ever wanted to keep parts of your home for the next step, but get rid of the rest? This process is known as deconstruction and it sums up the process pretty easier. It works on the premise that you manually take a structure apart piece by piece instead of completely knocking it down. It will take more time, but it is great for the environment and offers more opportunities to reuse and recycle. Some companies refer to it as part of their “C&D recycling” process, which is the recycling, salvaging, and reusing of demolition waste.

High Reach Excavator” are referred to the attachments that are mounted on excavators to reach higher buildings, like commercial properties. For a long time people just thought that excavators “are what they are”. But in fact, they are adaptable and effective machines because of the attachments that can be added.

Implosion” is definitely a term that you have used before. The idea is simple enough: it is when explosives are used to bring down a building, but the difference to “explosion” is that the explosives are placed in a way that makes the building explode “inwards” (implosion), instead of “outwards” (explosion).

Specialised Rigging” means the process and the equipment that is used to move, or in professional terms, relocate, buildings or part of buildings to new areas. It is a lengthy process but one that many homeowners take advantage of when they can.

Our plan for this blog was to provide you with the vital key terms that a demolition expert might throw at you when it comes to demolishing your home. With this information, we hope you are well informed about what to expect. If you would like more information on demolitions or excavation jobs, then speak our leading house demolition company in Melbourne in Diamond Earth movers. They can help you with everything you need, so reach out to them and get a free quote today.