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India is the land of butter chicken, masala dosa and aloo ka paratha. Different cultures contribute immensely to make India a food paradise.

Here are some amazing facts related to Indian food the world should know-

  1. Land of spices- Spices were the first thing that attracted foreign traders towards India. But do you know that India produces the most number of spices in the world? Our variety of spices is the largest in the world.
  2. Different tastes- According to Indian Food Theory, a proper Indian meal is a perfect balance of 6 flavors: Sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy. Amongst all these flavors, one or two stand out giving the cuisine its distinct taste.
  3. Sweet love- Sweet dishes or Mithais are an integral part of every Indian serving. In some cultures, weddings aren’t considered ended till a sweet dish is served to guests. It is a must-serve at every important function.
  4. Food classification- Indian food is classified in to three categories: Saatvic food, Raajsic food and taamsic food. Saatvic food encourages a higher state of consciousness. Raajsic food is good for motion and activities and Taamsic food is considered to be the one that brings out negative thoughts.
  5. Around the globe presence- The first Indian restaurant that opened in Australia was Abhi’s in 1990. There are more than 700 Indian restaurants in Melbourne now. If you are looking for quality Indian food, then you can experience the quality of good Indian restaurants in Melbourne by aagaman restaurant.
  6. Sounds like Indian- Chicken tikka masala is a very popular dish in India, but is actually not Indian. It was invented in Glasgow, Scotlant.
  7. Not Indian- Staple Indian foods such as tomato, potato and chilly were not originated in India. They were introduced to India by the Portuguese. Now they are used in almost all of our cuisines and enjoyed all across India.
  8. The amazing saffron- Foreign traders had a huge impact on Indian food and dishes. Greek, Roman and Arab traders brought a lot of new flavors to India. Saffron was one of them and now it is consumed by almost the entire nation.
  9. The king of spices– Pepper is the king of spices. It can mix well with every other spice and dish. Mixed with salt and it becomes the classic combination we all love. Our food would be tasteless without it.
  10.  Sugar coating– India is the place where sugar crystallization and making of sugar from sugarcanes began. No wonder we have a sweet tooth.

India has many different flavors and spices. You can enjoy a nice Indian meal easily. Just Contact aagaman restaurant and experience a great variety of Indian cuisines.