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Every person has their own dream house and they have lots of ideas and concepts to adorn it. There are so many aspects that play an important role in defining the interiors of a house. If emphasis is laid to provide creativity to various factors it can really make difference to your house. Stairs, balustrades, posts and other accessories can play a vital role to adorn your house. There are wide range of designs for stairs, balustrades, handrails etc which you can choose as per your convenience, requirement and budget. There are various companies that can help you with the customized stairs along with quality.


There are numerous types of stairs like steel, contemporary, curved, floating, spiral, modern, timber etc. from which you can opt as per matching of your interiors. You can try out various styles of stairs like closed stairs with:

  •         Closed stringers
  •         Cut outer stringers.

Open stairs with

  •         Closed stringers
  •         Cut outer stringers
  •         Cut stringers
  •         Inset cut stringers
  •         Central timber stringer


These are generally used with stairs and also support handrails. These can prevent a person from falling when someone is on terrace, balcony or any other building. Balustrades can vary in size, style, shape and material like wood, iron, glass etc. Various types of balustrades include modern, traditional, wire, wrought iron, stainless steel and glass balustrade.

Glass balustrade can be the best option to give a new look to your modern staircase. This is the ideal option for darker and confined space; in addition to that it provides transparency which is an obvious benefit of glass.

In contemporary staircase design stainless steel balustrade is a good option. They are quite durable and can be paired up different materials like timber, wire and glass. The best part is they resist corrosion and you can g\hardly find any kind of rusting problem.


There are various accessories available which you can use to give the best to your house. Handrail brackets and glass fittings are some of them.

If you also want to offer something best in terms of quality and looks and that is of your choice you can go for stairs, balustrades and custom staircase by SA Stair Company. This is one of the renowned companies that deliver wide range of designs in concern of stairs, balustrades, posts, handrails and accessories. They can aid you with varieties of handrail and posts which gives you no. of choice for selection. Their workmen are quite skilled and experienced to deliver the best masterpiece and exactly what you wished for.