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Got your car ready to take to the panel beater? Ready to drop it off and wait for the final result? Well, what if we told you to slow it down and wait for a few seconds. Take your time and have a breather. Why might you be asking? Because you should take your panel beater aside and ask them these questions. It will give you the best idea on whether or not they are capable of handling the workload. So what are these questions? Keep reading to find out:

Can you repair my smash repairs in Melbourne

There is nothing more annoying than having to go across town to get your car repaired. So always ask if they can repair your car in your area. The closer you are to home, the better it is for you to manage your lifestyle.

What time of models do you work on? 

Not all cars are the same. BMWs are different to Fords. And Holdens are different to Mazdas. Make sure your panel beater can do the work for you on your car. Some are experts in some cars, while other focus on other models.

Do you work with insurance companies? 

If you are looking to reclaim your insurance money then finding out if the panel beater will work with your insurance company is important. Ask them before any work is started and speak to your insurance company to see if they will work in tandem.

How much do you charge? 

Where exactly is your money going to? Are you paying for the labour, the parts, tax or extra fees you don’t know about? You want to know where your money is going, so always ask the beater about what you are paying for and why.

How long do you take to get the work done? 

Will you be waiting weeks or days to get your car back? Can you handle living your life without your car? It is up to you and you should get some idea about how long the work will take on your car to get repaired. Speak to the panel beater about a timeframe.

By asking these questions, you will prepare yourself and find out if the panel beater you are hiring is able to do the job for you. You will have the knowledge and the confidence to hand over your car and ensure that they will deliver it back to you in one piece. That is what you should be looking for to get smash repairs done at Altona North or anywhere across Melbourne.