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One of the most popular – and underrated – hobbies in Australia is hunting. We understand hunting is a hobby that breaks the line; creating controversy no matter the situation. But there is always a time to try something new; to push yourself and see if a new hobby is what you need to kick-start your life. And one of these hobbies, is hunting.

But would you be convinced to go hunting if you haven’t been convinced in the first place? Well, after enjoying some hunting ourselves – and speaking to the likes of Gun Emporium – we have compiled a list of four super points on why you should be going hunting for the first time. Trust us, it works!

It is a challenge

What makes hunting so different to other outdoor activities is that it a challenge. A real challenge. This ain’t like a regular hobby where you can do it in the comfort of your own home. This is a hobby that will push you to the limits. You’ll be outdoors, in the wild, face to face with nature and ready to take on nature’s wildest animals. You will never experience such a hobby like this before.

Get to spend time with friends 

Hunting is just like any other hobby; it is great to bond with people. Being stuck in the wild with people helps you bond with them. Before you know it, you’ll have amazing friends and every trip will be an exciting experience for them. This is what makes hunting such a great activities – bonding with new friends and establishing camaraderie.

Get to explore the outback 

Are you sick of doing hobbies that keep you indoors? Are you over the idea that you are stuck in the same place week after week? Well, with hunting, you will get to experience the outback like never before. Go out and enjoy new terrain week after week. You’ll be better off for it and helps you experience this new challenge with the best hunting gears in Australia.

Not as violent as people make it

Okay. We understand the perception that hunting is a violent and sadistic sport. But it not as violent as people make it out to be. One quick shot and it is all done. There is no violent cutting up or chopping up. There is no bleeding out or anything. It is a simple sport. And not to mention this is the only aspect of the sport – as we mentioned above, there is also the outdoors experience, bonding with friends, the new hunting clothes and the challenge itself.